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Meet The Team

Want to learn more about squash ? We have a great team of coaches to help you improve and learn more about the game! Some of them are experienced world class squash players. 

Scroll down to find out more about our local and international coaches. 

Meet The Coaches

DHSQ Staff PhotosBradley Hindle - Edited

Bradley Hindle
Head Squash Coach

Bradley Hindle is the 2019 Logan City coach of the year and has previously spent over 18 years pursuing his Squash career internationally basing himself in Europe since 2002, and has been head coach of the Daisy Hill Squash & Racquet club since March 2018.

Bradley achieved 7 Professional squash titles around the world while reaching top 60 in the world rankings. He is truly of world class nature and been the National junior coach of Australia head coach/Player for Malta for 3 Commonwealth games and worked extensively in Russia, USA, Israel and around Europe. Bradley thoroughly enjoys watching people learn the game and develop a fun healthy squash and active lifestyle whether a bare beginner or a world  elite competitor.

Phone: 0427 596 474
Email: daisyhillsquash1@gmail.com

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Liz Irving
Thursday Group Coach

Liz is a former professional squash player who reached a career high of World Number 2. She was runner-up in the 1993 World Open and has had an illustrious squash career.

Liz has been coaching squash for more than 30 years and is the former coach of 8 times World Champion and 108 consecutive months world no.1 Nicol David, and Former World no.1 and world champion Vanessa Atkinson.

Liz is truly one of brightest brains of squash and we are lucky enough to have her coach at Daisy Hill! Liz loves coaching the Thursday morning group and she enjoys helping squash players of all levels to further their game.

Email: daisyhillsquash1@gmail.com

DHSQ Staff PhotosVicky Boswell - Edited.

Vicky Boswell
Junior Development Coach

Vicky is a former professional squash player from England who reached a career high of World Number 5. She was also a finalist at the 2008 World Open and was part of the England Team who won the World Team Championship in 2006! Her bubbly personality is loved by all, she is a pleasure to be around and is a fantastic squash coach.

Vicky coaches the development junior group at Daisy Hill on Mondays and Wednesdays, and she is absolutely passionate about Junior Development.

Email: daisyhillsquash1@gmail.com

DHSQ Staff PhotosZoe Aust - Edited.jpg

Zoe Aust
Kids and Adult Beginner Coach

Zoe coaches adult beginners on Friday evenings and is also a personal trainer. She is a great coach for beginner techniques and enjoys teaching her students to play the game of squash at Daisy Hill’s Wednesday night beginners social league. Zoe is a true blessing to the club and loves engaging with newbies.

Email: daisyhillsquash1@gmail.com

DHSQ Staff PhotosCameron Darton - Edited

Cameron Darton
Junior Beginner Coach

Cameron is our Junior Beginner coach and runs the program at Daisy Hill on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is an up-and-coming professional squash player and a full-time student at the University of Queensland.

Cameron is a great technical and tactical junior coach, and he also runs the Junior Fixtures at the club on Saturday morning.

Email: daisyhillsquash1@gmail.com

DHSQ Staff PhotosCorey McDonald - Edited

Corey McDonald
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Corey is the founder of McDonald Strength & Conditioning, a physical preparation coaching business built off the back of hundreds of training sessions and thousands of hours of study, research and sports science application.

Throughout his 23-year career, Corey has always believed in a holistic and balanced approach to fitness training, which equally incorporates the physiological and health aspects of exercise. Corey believes that training sessions should enable clients to learn, achieve and enjoy their experience. So, whether you have sporting ambitions or general health & fitness goals, please feel free to contact him.

Phone: 0481 214 807
Email: corey@mcdonaldsc.com.au